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Creator Name
Gil Kane
Birth Name
Eli Katz
Date of Birth
April 6, 1926
Date of Passing
January 31, 2000
DOB: April 6, 1926, Riga, Latvia [as Eli Katz]
Note: emigrated to the U.S. in 1929, settling in Brooklyn, New York, United States
DOD: January 31, 2000, Aventura, Florida, United States [cancer]
Note: Survived by his second wife, Elaine, and children Scott, Eric and Beverly and two grandaughters.
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Arthur Lortie: Creator Information
Issue Cover Date
  story 6078 The Horrible Hermit of Hidden Mesa! 18pg art
pencils attributed
Two-Gun Kid 10 November 1949
  story 5892 Leo Makley 7pg art
pencils attributed
Crime Cases Comics 24(1) August 1950
  story 7714 Alvin Creepy Karpis 7pg art
pencils guess
Justice 19 January 1951
  story 9923 The Burning Flame 4pg art
pencils attributed
Mystic 8 May 1952
  story 9606 Life Term! 5pg art
pencils and inks guess
Justice 27 May 1952
  story A-117 Once Upon a Corpse 4pg art
pencils guess
Journey Into Unknown Worlds 11 June 1952
  story B-10 The Last Mile 5pg art
pencils attributed
Spellbound 8 October 1952
  story B-144 Don't Try to Outsmart the Devil! 8pg art
inks guess
Adventures Into Terror 13 December 1952
  story B-933 I Die Too Often 5pg art
pencils attributed
Adventures Into Terror 17 March 1953
  story B-815 Love Story 7pg art
inks guess
My Own Romance 27 March 1953
  story A-795 The Man With A Gun 6pg art
pencils guess
Justice 35 March 1953
  story C-56 The Door! 5pg art
pencils attributed
Mystery Tales 10 April 1953
  story C-359 My Brother Must Die 6pg art
inks guess
Men's Adventures 21 May 1953
  story C-145 Blind Flight! 5pg art
pencils signed
War Comics 19 May 1953
  story C-654 Hair I Go Again 5pg art
pencils attributed
Adventures Into Terror 21 July 1953
  story C-268 In the Cards! 5pg art
pencils guess
Battlefront 12 July 1953
  story C-138 7pg art
pencils guess
Kent Blake of the Secret Service 14 July 1953
  story B-624 5pg art
pencils guess
Kent Blake of the Secret Service 14 July 1953
  story C-833 A Little Pain Never Hurt Anybody 5pg art
pencils signed
Marvel Tales 117 August 1953
story C-583? The Stranger From Space 4pg art
pencils signed
Mystic 24 October 1953
  story D-568 Rustlers Hang High 6pg art
pencils attributed
3-D Tales of the West 1 January 1954
  story D-620 To Each ...Her Own! 6pg art
pencils attributed
Girl Confessions 31 February 1954
  story Working Girl 0pg art
pencils attributed
Lovers 58 February 1954
  story D-853 Monte Cassino! 5pg art
pencils attributed
Battle 27 March 1954