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Creator Name
Gil Kane
Birth Name
Eli Katz
Date of Birth
April 6, 1926
Date of Passing
January 31, 2000
DOB: April 6, 1926, Riga, Latvia [as Eli Katz]
Note: emigrated to the U.S. in 1929, settling in Brooklyn, New York, United States
DOD: January 31, 2000, Aventura, Florida, United States [cancer]
Note: Survived by his second wife, Elaine, and children Scott, Eric and Beverly and two grandaughters.
Gil Kane - Wikipedia
Arthur Lortie: Creator Information
Issue Cover Date
  story 9421 Out Of This World! 4pg art
pencils guess
Suspense 14 February 1952
  story 9923 The Burning Flame 4pg art
pencils attributed
Mystic 8 May 1952
  story B-197 Missing...One Head 5pg art
pencils guess
Adventures Into Weird Worlds 12 November 1952
  story B-144 Don't Try to Outsmart the Devil! 8pg art
inks guess
Adventures Into Terror 13 December 1952
  story B-933 I Die Too Often 5pg art
pencils attributed
Adventures Into Terror 17 March 1953
  story B-815 Love Story 7pg art
inks guess
My Own Romance 27 March 1953
  story C-359 My Brother Must Die 6pg art
inks guess
Men's Adventures 21 May 1953
  story C-145 Blind Flight! 5pg art
pencils signed
War Comics 19 May 1953
  story C-654 Hair I Go Again 5pg art
pencils attributed
Adventures Into Terror 21 July 1953
  story C-833 A Little Pain Never Hurt Anybody 5pg art
pencils signed
Marvel Tales 117 August 1953
story C-583? The Stranger From Space 4pg art
pencils signed
Mystic 24 October 1953
  story D-620 To Each ...Her Own! 6pg art
pencils attributed
Girl Confessions 31 February 1954
  story Working Girl 0pg art
pencils attributed
Lovers 58 February 1954