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Sy Grudko
He started in the Timely bullpen in 1947 and pencilled until the staff was let go. He was not a top of the line artist by any means but another of the grunts who churned out product to keep the books filled. He does have wonderful stories of his bullpen days though, and that's what's important to me. A very nice man. His debut for Timely was a 2-page Human Torch filler he pencilled and inked as a try-out for Stan Lee. He says it was printed somewhere but I'm not positive. There is a 2- page filler in a late (last?) issue of the golden-age Torch run. I've never seen it though. Doc V
Doc V.: Creator Information
Issue Cover Date
  story 9947 Horror Show! 4pg art
pencils signed
Astonishing 12 April 1952
  story 9617 The Eyes of March! 4pg art
pencils signed
Strange Tales 6 April 1952
  story A-128 A Letter for Lenny 5pg art
pencils and inks signed
Sports Action 12 May 1952
story A-123 The Road Back! 4pg art
pencils signed
Battle 9 June 1952
story A-549 Breaking Point! 6pg art
pencils signed
War Action 4 July 1952
  story A-417 The Skeleton 5pg art
pencils signed
Astonishing 15 July 1952
  story A-409 Too Hot To Handle 6pg art
pencils attributed
Sports Action 13 July 1952
story A-756 Don't Shoot! 5pg art
pencils signed
Battle 12 September 1952
  story B-118 The Man In Black 5pg art
pencils signed
Suspense 23 October 1952
story 9790 Reign of Terror 4pg art
pencils attributed
Astonishing 11 Spring 1952
  story E-179 Sequoya 5pg art
pencils signed
Arrowhead 1 April 1954
  story E-83 Don't Nod 4pg art
pencils signed
Adventures Into Terror 30 April 1954
  story D-927 Timber 5pg art
pencils signed
Uncanny Tales 19 April 1954
  story F-443 Desert Destiny! 5pg art
pencils signed
Wild Western 41 February 1955