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Creator Name
Hy Fleishman
Date of Birth
November 18, 1927
Hy Fleishman was born as Herman Fleishman in November 18, 1927, in New York City. He grew up in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn. He attended the Cartoonists and Illustrators School, co-founded by Burne Hogarth, after his service in the US Navy. My father explained that Hogarth was his instructor at the school and was famous at the time for his Tarzan comic strip in the Sunday Mirror. Hy Fleishman worked for numerous comic book publishers, illustrating stories and covers, colors and inks, during the Silver Age of comic books. My own remembrance of those years was waking up many mornings finding my father at his drawing table where he had been working all night to meet a deadline. His comment today was: "It was all a part of the work" he remembered nostalgically. In the late 1950's he was offered a job of illustrating a book a week for thirteen weeks for the IGA grocery stores. The name of the book was Poppo The Clown. But after the 13 week contract was up, IGA did not renew the contract since the book was not selling at their stores and it was discontinued. His old job was taken and he never returned full-time to comic book illustration. Hy Fleishman said that "I really enjoyed the work, but it was another lifetime ago." Hy Fleishman is retired and living in Connecticut. Roberta Fleishman June 1, 2008.
Issue Cover Date
  story C-243 If I Breathe...I Die! 4pg art
pencils and inks attributed
Journey Into Unknown Worlds 18 May 1953
story C-640 A Monument To Mortimer! 4pg art
pencils and inks attributed
Journey Into Unknown Worlds 20 July 1953
  story D-792 Muscle Man 5pg art
pencils guess
Justice 44 March 1954
  story J-263 He Changed at Midnight 4pg art
pencils attributed
Mystic 48 June 1956
  story J-466 Inside the Cave! 4pg art
pencils attributed
World of Suspense 2 June 1956
  story J-942 Among the Missing! 4pg art
pencils attributed
Marvel Tales 149 August 1956
  story J-565 In the Darkness 4pg art
pencils attributed
Mystic 50 August 1956
  story K-335 Volcano! 3pg art
pencils attributed
World of Suspense 4 October 1956
  story K-211 No Trespassing! 5pg art
pencils attributed
Astonishing 54 October 1956
  story J-787 Blackout! 3pg art
pencils attributed
Strange Tales 51 October 1956
  story K-49 The Mouse That Saved the World! 4pg art
pencils attributed
Strange Stories of Suspense 11 October 1956
  story K-172 I Can't be Harmed 4pg art
pencils attributed
Strange Tales of the Unusual 6 October 1956
  story G-301 The Wishing Machine 2pg text
pencils guess
World of Suspense 6 February 1957
  story K-979 Grotesque! 4pg art
pencils attributed
Astonishing 58 February 1957