Journey Into Mystery 49

Title Published
June 1952 to July 1962
Issue Numbers
1 to 82
Number of Issues
Journey Into Mystery 49 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
November 1958
Cover Titles
City Of Giants!
Cover Credits
Joe Maneely pencils attributed
Title Pages Credits
M-371 City Of Giants

Notes: Click here to see John Kaminski's profile on Eric Wolton from this story.
4 pg art John Forte pencils signed
M-405 The Doctor Wears A Mask 4 pg art Alfonso Greene pencils attributed
Bernard Baily inks guess
M-376 The World-Destroyers! 3 pg art Matt Fox pencils signed
M-399 The Little Green Man 4 pg art Sol Brodsky pencils signed
L-259 Morgan's Mad Machine 4 pg art Ed Winiarski pencils signed
  K-18 Sdrawkcab 2 pg text
M-461 The Room with Two Billion Cards 4 pg art Sid Check pencils signed