All Surprise 9

Title Published
Fall 1943 to Winter 1946
Issue Numbers
1 to 12
Number of Issues
Continued Into
Jeanie Comics
Issue Information
Cover Date
Spring 1946
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  969 -
·Super Rabbit starring
8 pg art
  218 -
·Tubby Pig starring

Notes: Tubby dreams he meets Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727). Tubby is referred to as “Puffy” throughout the story. At the bottom of page 5, he gives a pair of monsters a copy of All Surprise to distract them.
7 pg art
  - Timed for Teens

Notes: Ad for Miss America Magazine (vol. 3) 4.
1 pg house ad
  909 -
·Krazy Krow starring
·Boobsy starring
7 pg art
  - Grunty the Mimic 2 pg text
  535 -
·Percy Penguin starring
·Fizz starring
4 pg art
  - -
·Buggy Bear starring
·Billy Bear starring
7 pg art
  V-50 -
·Silly Seal starring
·Ziggy Pig starring
11 pg art