Justice 15

Title Published
Fall 1947 to March 1955
Issue Numbers
7 to 52
Number of Issues
Continued From
Wacky Duck
Continued Into
Tales of Justice
Issue Information
Cover Date
February 1950
Cover Titles
The Man Who Dealt in Murder!
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  5551 The Man Who Dealt in Murder! 8 pg art George Tuska pencils guess

Ger Apeldoorn: Creator Credit
  5603 The Subway Murders 2 pg text
  - Statement of the Ownership, Management, Circulation, Etc.

Notes: For 1 Oct 1949. Stan Lee, Editor; Frank Torpey, Managing Editor; Robert Solomon, Business Manager.
- pg art
  6148 Peter Radom 8 pg art
  5620 Smiley Jordan Mob! 7 pg art