Navy Combat 19

Title Published
June 1955 to October 1958
Issue Numbers
1 to 20
Number of Issues
Navy Combat 19 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
August 1958
Cover Titles
Mission .... Submarine!
Cover Credits
Joe Maneely pencils attributed
Title Pages Credits
  O-367 Torpedo Tubes Ready!

Notes: Art by Don Heck (1 pp.) and Joe Maneely (4 pp.).
Looks like pages 2-5 were penciled by Heck and (heavily) inked by Maneely. Weird combination! - Mark Stichman.
5 pg art Don Heck pencils attributed
Joe Maneely inks attributed

Tom Lammers: Creator Credit
Doc V.: Creator Credit
the stikman: Creator Credit
  A-320 The Medal Chasers 2 pg text
  O-254 Stand by to Attack! 5 pg art Joe Maneely pencils attributed
  O-308 The P.T. Strikes! 4 pg art Jimmy Infantino pencils signed
  O-290 Shot Down! 4 pg art Joe Certa pencils attributed
  O-239 Mission ... Submarine 5 pg art Mac L. Pakula pencils attributed