Silly Tunes 2

Title Published
Fall 1945 to April 1947
Issue Numbers
1 to 7
Number of Issues
Issue Information
Cover Date
February 1946
Silly Seal starring
Ziggy Pig starring
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
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·Silly Seal starring
·Ziggy Pig starring

Notes: At the movies, Silly and Ziggy see "an old picture" - Frankenstein (Universal Pictures, 1931). They then meet "Dr. Picklestein," who uses electricity to create a monster out of loaves of bread.
10 pg art
Tom Lammers: Story Information
  - Timed for Teens

Notes: Ad for Miss America Magazine (vol. 3) 3.
1 pg house ad
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·Morty Monk starring
·Buck Baboon starring
7 pg art
  - A Shady Stunt
·Dopey Duck starring
2 pg text
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·Silly Seal starring
·Ziggy Pig starring

Notes: Ziggy rides a racehorse named "Tea Biscuit," an allusion to champion thoroughbred Seabiscuit (1933-1947). He feeds the horse "Fleeties, the Breakfast Food of Chumps," an allusion to General Mills' Wheaties breakfast cereal, whose slogan since 1933 had been "The Breakfast of Champions." His opponent in the race is a mustachioed villain named "Simon Degree," an allusion to wicked slaveowner Simon Legree in the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe (1852). l
8 pg art
  - Christmas Creations by You

Notes: Booklet entitled "Here's How for a Merry Christmas," composed of recipes, games, party ideas, and make-it-yourself gifts from the "Miss America Speaks" column in Miss America Magazine.
1 pg house ad
  - Clean Sweep
·Buggy Bear starring
·Billy Bear starring
2 pg art