Spellbound 4

Title Published
March 1952 to June 1957
Issue Numbers
1 to 34
Number of Issues
Spellbound 4 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
June 1952
Cover Credits
Russ Heath pencils signed
Title Pages Credits
  A-307 Knave of Diamonds

Notes: The first Ayers/Bache story.
5 pg art Don Rico script attributed
Dick Ayers pencils attributed
Ernie Bache inks attributed
  A-315 The Dark Water 2 pg text
  A-372 The Horrible House

Notes: Compare it to the one signed LaCava story in SPORTS ACTION #10 and I think you'll see what I mean. - Doc V.
4 pg art Bill LaCava pencils attributed
  A-308 One-Way Ticket 5 pg art Russ Heath pencils signed
  A-273 The Man Who Loved to Kill 4 pg art Edwin Goldfarb pencils guess
Bob Baer inks guess
  A-299 Mad Dog 5 pg art Joe Sinnott pencils signed