Strange Tales 50

Title Published
June 1951 to September 1962
Issue Numbers
1 to 100
Number of Issues
Issue Information
Cover Date
September 1956
Cover Titles
The End Of The Line
Cover Credits
Bill Everett pencils signed
Title Pages Credits
  J-989 The End of the Line 4 pg art Paul Reinman pencils signed
  K-55 Both of Me!

Notes: Artist\'s name appears on paper held by guard in splash panel.
4 pg art Harry Lazarus pencils signed

Tom Lammers: Creator Credit
  K-30 The Fog that Couldn't Lift! 4 pg art Steve Ditko pencils signed
  K-76 The World Outside! 4 pg art Bill Benulis pencils signed
  K-241 The Newshound 2 pg text
  K-35 The Needle Swings! 3 pg art Robert Q. Sale pencils signed
  J-997 Sleep, You Fool!

Notes: Inspired by Washington Irving\'s \"Rip van Winkle\" (1819).
4 pg art John Forte pencils signed

Tom Lammers: Creator Credit