War Adventures 12

Title Published
January 1952 to February 1953
Issue Numbers
1 to 13
Number of Issues
War Adventures 12 Cover Image
Issue Information
Cover Date
January 1953
Indicia Frequency
Indicia Publisher
Hercules Publishing Corp.
Cover Credits
Carl Burgos pencils unsigned
Carl Burgos inks unsigned
Doc V.: Cover Creator Credit
John Benson: Cover Creator Credit
Title Pages Credits
B-620 The Vultures and the Shark

Notes: This tells of a submarine that sinks an enemy ship but has "jammed elevators" and can't submerge and so has to fight it out with the MIGs that the sinking ship has sicced on them. They down one and succeed in pulling it in for the intelligence service. The book is an all-Korea book, and so the story takes place at that time, but, based on a check of the internet, it's doubtful that US submarines sunk any ships or engaged in action with enemy planes during the Korean war. - John Benson
7 pg art Mike Sekowsky pencils attributed
Unknown inks

John Benson: Story Information
  B-476 War Cry 2 pg text
B-644 One Move Means Death!

Notes: A GI hides out in the home of a Korean civilian and observes the brutal conduct of a North Korean general, finally striking back after all the peasants are killed.
6 pg art Carl Wessler script attributed

John Benson: Creator Credit
Robin Snyder: Creator Credit
John Benson: Story Information
B-651 The Dame

Notes: Signed GS. A soldier goes through improbable heroics just to have a brief look at a nurse.
5 pg art
John Benson: Story Information
B-660 Spot!

Notes: A GI befriends a dog. Later he attacks a tank and drops a grenade into the turret, finding afterward that the dog had, improbably, drawn the fire that distracted the tank operators, at the cost of his life. The story has at least ten different swipes of the dog in "Hungnam" (Wood, Two-Fisted Tales 26, Mar.-Apr. 1952). - John Benson
5 pg art Mac L. Pakula pencils signed

John Benson: Story Information