Wild Western 25

Title Published
September 1948 to September 1957
Issue Numbers
3 to 57
Number of Issues
Continued From
Wild West
Issue Information
Cover Date
December 1952
Cover Titles
Gun Duel
Kid Colt Outlaw starring
The Texas Kid - Robin Hood of the Range starring
Cover Credits
Dave Berg pencils attributed
Danny Koschok: Cover Image
Title Pages Credits
  B-153 The Black Sombrero
·Kid Colt Outlaw starring
6 pg art
  A-352 Bullets and Ballots
·The Texas Kid - Robin Hood of the Range starring
6 pg art
  SL-5242 The Story of Bullet Ben 2 pg text
  9564 The Secret of the Cave 4 pg art
  - America's Greatest Cowboy!!!

Notes: Ad for Kid Colt, Outlaw 23.
1 pg house ad
  B-155 The Mystery of Skull Creek!
·Kid Colt Outlaw starring

Notes: Horrific splash page!
Horror elements: killer buried in sand up to his neck and mutilated by ants and buzzards seeks revenge.
7 pg art