Wild Western 25

Title Published
September 1948 to September 1957
Issue Numbers
3 to 57
Number of Issues
Continued From
Wild West
Issue Information
Cover Date
December 1952
Cover Titles
Gun Duel
Kid Colt starring
The Texas Kid starring
Cover Credits
Dave Berg pencils attributed
Danny Koschok: Cover Image
Title Pages Credits
  B-153 The Black Sombrero
·Kid Colt starring
6 pg art
  A-352 Bullets and Ballots
·The Texas Kid starring
6 pg art
  SL-5242 The Story of Bullet Ben 2 pg text
  9564 The Secret of the Cave 4 pg art
  - America's Greatest Cowboy!!!

Notes: Ad for Kid Colt, Outlaw 23.
1 pg house ad
  B-155 The Mystery of Skull Creek!
·Kid Colt starring

Notes: Horrific splash page!
Horror elements: killer buried in sand up to his neck and mutilated by ants and buzzards seeks revenge.
7 pg art