Wyatt Earp 5

Title Published
November 1955 to June 1960
Issue Numbers
1 to 29
Number of Issues
Continued Into
Issue Information
Cover Date
July 1956
Indicia Frequency
Indicia Publisher
Interstate Publishing Corp.
Cover Titles
The Wichita War!
Mystery Of The Stagecoach Stick-Ups!
Cover Credits
John Severin pencils signed
Title Pages Credits
  J-408 The Day Marshal Earp Met Annie Oakley!
·Wyatt Earp starring

Notes: Just like it says: Wyatt Earp meets Annie Oakley. Now, given that both were historical figures and not purely comic creations, you might think this is just a coincidence, that there is no connection between this Annie and the one who starred in Annie Oakley #1 (Spring 1948) − #4 (Nov 1948) and #5 (Jun 1955 ─ #11, Jun 1956). And it's true that there is no editorial allusion to her being in her own comic. However, she is drawn EXACTLY as in her comic: Long blue skirt, boots, red fringed shirt, white fringed gloves, scarf, blue cowboy hat, and blonde hair. Gosh, there's STILL cool stuff to discover in Atlas comics! - Tom Lammers
5 pg art Norman Maurer pencils attributed
  C-519 Paid in Full! 2 pg text
  J-283 The Mystery of the Stagecoach Stick-ups!
·Wyatt Earp starring
5 pg art Norman Maurer pencils attributed
  J-271 The Man Who Wore No Guns!

Feature: Wyatt Earp's Scrapbook of the Wild West
4 pg art Norman Maurer pencils attributed
  J-652 The Posse! 4 pg art Stan Lee script signed
Doug Wildey pencils signed
  J-274 The Wichita War!
·Wyatt Earp starring
5 pg art Norman Maurer pencils attributed