Blackstone The Magician 4

Title Published
May 1948 to September 1948
Issue Numbers
2 to 4
Number of Issues
Title Notes
Numbering continues from EC's Blackstone, The Magician Detective Fights Crime #1.
Issue Information
Cover Date
September 1948
Sighted Date Stamp
Jun 30
Blackstone the Magician starring
Cover Credits
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Title Pages Credits
  2825 The Border Smugglers!
·Blackstone the Magician starring
8 pg art
  2749 The Spook Fakers!
·Blackstone the Magician starring
5 pg art
  3268 Identity: Known!
·The Blonde Phantom starring
4 pg art Lin Streeter contributions attributed

Scott Pell: Creator Credit
  SL-2907 Time on His Hands 2 pg text
  - The Corpses of Dr. Sacotti

Notes: Ad for Ideal 2.
1 pg house ad
  SL-2777 The Case of the Shadow of Mystery!
·Blackstone the Magician starring
7 pg art